Pitfalls of RetractSolution with AllContentUrls

This is a note about the pitfalls with using `retractsolution` and the `allcontenturls` option in SharePoint.

Published on Mon, 10th May, 2010

Ghosting the Unghostable

This example shows how to ghost non-ghostable files in SharePoint as well as how to relocate existing ghosted content.

Published on Wed, 2nd Dec, 2009

Programmatically setting control adapters for url rewriting & Ajax

This article describes how to make url rewriters work with Ajax, and how to set control adapters programmactically to apply the fix.

Published on Sun, 5th Jul, 2009

The Null Coalescing Operator

One of the most useful yet little-known features to come out of C# 2.0.

Published on Wed, 8th Apr, 2009

Windows Vista Aero Glass in .NET Managed Win32 Applications

This article is a brief introduction into the use of the new Vista APIs for extending the Aero Glass area into a managed Win32 application.

Published on Sun, 1st Jun, 2008

Interprocess communication via Windows Messaging

XDMessaging Pub/Sub

This article demonstrates a quick and easy-to-use implementation for cross AppDomain communication in .NET by leveraging Windows native messaging.

Published on Thu, 1st Nov, 2007

Making your application UAC aware

UAC Dialog

This article is a guide to making applications UAC aware for Vista.

Published on Tue, 2nd Oct, 2007