Azure BlueGreen deployment challenges and learnings

The following article describes some of the high-level approaches and challenges with implementing BlueGreen deployment on Azure.

Published on Mon, 14th Jul, 2014

AWS Deployment with OctopusDeploy

This article focuses on an alternative way to deploy and update .NET applications running on AWS EC2 instances, and mitigates the shortcomings of the AWSDeploy standalone tool.

Published on Sun, 2nd Feb, 2014

Sitecore Authentication with the SimpleMembershipProvider

This article provides a solution for using the SimpleMembershipProvider and newer WebSecurity APIs with Sitecore.

Published on Mon, 11th Nov, 2013


A better implementation of ExtendedMembershipProvider, with enhanced compatibility with MembershipProvider.

Published on Thu, 3rd Oct, 2013

SimpleMembershipProvider vs MembershipProvider

Everything you ever wanted to know about why SimpleMembershipProvider does not work as a MembershipProvider.

Published on Tue, 13th Aug, 2013

Using AWSDeploy to provision multiple websites

This article provides a solution for deploying multiple applications to a single AWS instance when using AWSDeploy.

Published on Sun, 3rd Feb, 2013

Twitter OAuth authentication using .NET

A example showing how to authenticate a Twitter application using OAuth and an application access token.

Published on Sun, 28th Aug, 2011