The Null Coalescing Operator

One of the most useful yet little-known features to come out of C# 2.0.

Published on Wed, 8th Apr, 2009


This project demonstrates a quick and easy-to-use .NET solution for attaching buttons to the non-client area of the window title bar.

Published on Wed, 8th Oct, 2008

Windows Vista Aero Glass in .NET Managed Win32 Applications

This article is a brief introduction into the use of the new Vista APIs for extending the Aero Glass area into a managed Win32 application.

Published on Sun, 1st Jun, 2008

Interprocess communication via Windows Messaging

XDMessaging Pub/Sub

This article demonstrates a quick and easy-to-use implementation for cross AppDomain communication in .NET by leveraging Windows native messaging.

Published on Thu, 1st Nov, 2007

Making your application UAC aware

UAC Dialog

This article is a guide to making applications UAC aware for Vista.

Published on Tue, 2nd Oct, 2007